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Resistenti Nicola Biasi have chosen Everas partner for their oenological growth.

Ever, leader in the oenological world, produces biotechnlogies with a special attention to the healthiness of the wine and the environmental sustainability.

The cooperation with them allows us to improve year by year the wines you will find in your glasses, enhancing and respecting the territories they come from.

Worldwide, Vinventions is the most complete provider of wine closures designed to support the various needs of producers.

Solutions that optimize performance, design and sustainability, thanks to the unique innovative capabilities of its brands including Nomacorc Green Line sustainable caps.

This collaboration makes us proud, with the aim of improving together solutions capable of combining quality and sustainability, even in the fundamental field of wine stoppers.

Cooperate with us

Resistenti Nicola Biasi are born with a very definite mission: creating high quality wines matching a real and concrete sustainability. Toachieve this target, science and knowledge are fundamental and essential.

Study and researches to improve the features of our wines and make as lower as possible the impact on the planet of oenological production are our daily work, that we want to share with companies and facilities which have the same targets and ethical principles.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please fill the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.